Mixing music

Cerebral Scars/CS is the alias of a musician and producer based in the UK. CS initially started in 2005 taking roots from the likes of Jungle, Chumbawamba and New Order.

His musical interest developed further when getting involved with the local Techno event 'Kookaburra' and running Tsuji Techno (Street Techno) events. One section of his outlet operates with using two handheld Nintendo Gameboys, though with a modernised appeal and branched range of musical styles, can be enjoyed by mostly any audience interested in electronic music.[Europe in 8bits]


23.02.13 - Freedom Bookstore fund raiser, Pride Cafe - Newcastle, UK

07.11.12 - K.os Winter Special Techno and Visusal party, North UK

31.08.12 - Chipfest 7, Liverpool, UK
[TTFHB, Stevens, Cheapshot, cTrix, 4mat]

21.07.12 - K-os Summer Party, Northumberland, UK

04.05.12 - Order 66 , Newcastle, UK


27.11.11 - Live Free, Newcastle, UK

26.11.11 - K-os Event, Nothumberland, UK
[Audio-trip, Dookie-squad, Morphamish]

26.08.11 - Lo-bit Undeground vol.2, Newcastle, UK
[CDK, Comptroller, BSK, Maru]

25.08.11 - Tsuji Techno event, Newcastle, UK
[Maru, BSK]

18.08.11 - UltraChip, Edinburgh, UK
[Harley Likes Music, DS-10 Dominator,Nordloef, Stevens]


10.08.11 - The Chip Sessions, Newcastle, UK
[Forbidden Colour, KyotoSapian, FTFX, Syphus]


13.03.09 - Maker Faire Closing Party, Newcastle, UK
[Syphus, Goto80]

07.03.09 - Lo bit Underground vol.1, Newcastle, UK
[Jellica, gwEm and Counter Reset, BSK]


CDK Tour:-
15.08.08 - Newcastle, UK
[Combat Dave, We Are the Future, Henry Homesweet]

14.08.08 - Chipfest 3, Liverpool, UK
[Combat Dave, We Are the Future, Henry Homesweet]

16.05.08 - Speaker Hug vs Damaged, Newcastle, UK
[DJ Scotch Egg, Acrnym, And.]

18.04.08 - Mega - Cumbria, UK
[Transbot, Firebrand boy]


Small club events in City.




29.10.11 - Star and Shadow, Newcastle, UK
[Wor Story, Peoples History Film Festival]

05.09.11 - Cinema Politica, Newcastle, UK
[Erraid Doct Screened]


14.06.10 - Studio of 10, Tyneside, UK
[FMP Art Project]